Clocked out!



Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

I am officially clocked out!  My daughter’s adoption was finalized and I have taken some time off work to do some much needed bonding and family time!

I was worried at first that I would be totally bored, to be honest.  School is out until mid January, kids are all home from school, and Christmas will be here and gone.  I was worried…and now I’m not.

Now I am SURE I will be bored…and covered in school glue, probably!

In case you didn’t know, I am a rather crafty person.  So…multiply that with being off work and actually rested all day (I normally work night shift).  The kids have already stared rolling their eyes.

We have butter warming on the counter for sugar cookies, we have decorated Christmas ornaments that I crocheted off the top of my head; tomorrow we do kinetics, and then we will be donating blood and visiting an animal shelter.

So, in a nutshell I am asking you to pray for my children.  Pray for their patience, pray for their sanity, and Good Lord above, my poor daughter I am bonding with who learned today NOT to touch the glue gun…

Until I inhale glitter,

Savannah Smiles


The picture is NOT one of mine, we don’t paint until Sunday…


Call It What It Is

He has more nicknames than a kid named after his father and four uncles.

He doesn’t care what you call him.

He would prefer a cute nickname so he can come back soon.

He hangs out as long as you let him.

He is like the man that spins straw into gold.

He doesn’t like one thing.

He doesn’t like his name.

He doesn’t like it when you identify who he is.

He doesn’t like when you work at making him disappear.

He is ugly.

He is selfish.

He is wicked.

He is Depression and I am calling him out.

Soon enough,

Savannah Smiles

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One End & Two Beginnings

End #1… Creative Writing class is over for the semester people! That means this group experiment is over! Done! We are so grateful for all of our followers and 1,100+ hits since August! Wow! Final numbers will be analyzed tonight, but we think our blog is going to be ranked the highest among our classmates blogs!

Beginning #1 … What will happen with this blog?!

Stay tuned! Both ck and SavannahSmiles will decide this week. One (or both) of us will be be keeper of PhotoandaPhrase. And chapter two will be launched.

Beginning #2 … What is HouseKelley and when can I view it?!

My husband and I have been creatively energized by writing this past few months. We have decided to continue this, hobby, if you will. After the new year, we are going to launch HouseKelley!

There you will find weekly and monthly writing challenges that we will publish online. We will challenge each other, co-write stories and post a photo or two. And dare I say it?! There might be poetry.


It’s been a pleasure getting to know all of our followers via wordpress!

cheers, ck

A Simmerman Poem

I would like to share a poem with you that I created for a creative writing class.

I won’t share the rules, as much as I like rules.

Please enjoy, can’t see how you couldn’t! 🙂

The Seduction of John Johnson

1. She is a picture of beauty,

2. a home wrecker sent from the heavens.

3. Red, plump, honey lips drip down his neck.

Leans amble bosom to quivering chest

whispering sweet promises in his ear,

as freshly spritzed perfume assaults him.

4. Candied giggles glazing better judgment.

5. Focus. Thomas Jefferson. Des Moines, Iowa:

6. Forget better judgment.

7. Bills, kids, wife: use better judgment.

8. DDG, she’s as perfect as can be.

9. Because he thought about it, he must have already done it?

10. Que sera, sera to seal away the guilt.

11. The crimson blood of desire beats in his chest.

12. His thoughts pour as clean and pure as wastewater.

13. He ripped the sun from the sky to hide their sins in darkness.

14. Johnny Johnson was thinking naughty thoughts,

15. and tomorrow they will wake in each other’s guilty arms;

16. tainted bodies and painted thoughts on memory’s wall:

17. artwork for the world to see once they see no more.

18. Amata da uno, amata da nessuno.

19. The bed sheets cry out for forgiveness.

20. And the mistress leaves no trail.

ps.  If your kids are in the room and you are searching for a picture to enhance your blog…don’t google the word mistress.  Just an FYI…

Savannah blushes

and then
Savannah Smiles


I used to think that the world was a very equal place. Everybody could do just about the same things. As I get older and wiser, I’m increasingly seeing that this isn’t the case. If you’re white you have a huge advantage over those who are black. Apparently if you murder unarmed black people it’s not a crime. It is, but that never seems to get punished. Then there’s wealth. If you’re born wealthy you can do a lot. College is clearly an option. But if you’re born into poverty it’s easy to see how you might not believe that college is an option. You’d have so many disadvantages that you’d become depressed and feel rejected by society. Meanwhile wealthy kids get into the best schools from birth, eat the best food, always have someone around to support them. I like to think things are getting better. I suppose they are, but the improvement is very slow.

This has been Charlie McCormick.


I know America is and has operated their judicial system quite different for those with wpno power. It’s not just race, it’s economics, and judgement. What I don’t understand is in so many incidents lately, it seems that “you can’t fight city hall.”

People in power, of any kind are able to use technicalities, and other tricks to use the system to work in their favor. I have learned there are people who will work harder to find ways that government, insurance, law enforcement, courts, etc. are not at fault than to find in favor of the victim.

In 2014, women still have to explain intimate details about herself, if she’s assaulted. I’m sad that there are people who don’t look at the totality of the circumstances, but think they know everything and can judge.

I have to believe that where these people get “off” somewhere there is another power in charge.

Being Grateful

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

In life being grateful is important because it will educate you for the feeling of gratitude which means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind the action. As above I have a collage of pictures of my family’s home. I’m simply sharing this will you because it was a hard time & even through those times you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Long story short, On July 3rd around 11 o’clock, I had gone upstairs to go lay down on my bed but happened to look out my window & noticed a flame. It was the scariest time of my life. My family & I had just locked up the home to go to bed. That night I came home surprisingly, I had just gotten home that night from a friends( Gods plan). In sudden shock I screamed with a panic voice ” Everyone out of the house, the house is on fire” my siblings came running out we unlocked the gate, got the car keys moved the cars out of the garage & lastly grabbed all four of our pets. God was watching out, I’m so blessed/ thankful to be alive as well as my family. Never take anything for granted. This house fire has been a long process but I’ve been looking at the good side which is we still have shelter, food & the family is alive which is the most important thing of all❤️

Katherine Alviso