I used to think that the world was a very equal place. Everybody could do just about the same things. As I get older and wiser, I’m increasingly seeing that this isn’t the case. If you’re white you have a huge advantage over those who are black. Apparently if you murder unarmed black people it’s not a crime. It is, but that never seems to get punished. Then there’s wealth. If you’re born wealthy you can do a lot. College is clearly an option. But if you’re born into poverty it’s easy to see how you might not believe that college is an option. You’d have so many disadvantages that you’d become depressed and feel rejected by society. Meanwhile wealthy kids get into the best schools from birth, eat the best food, always have someone around to support them. I like to think things are getting better. I suppose they are, but the improvement is very slow.

This has been Charlie McCormick.


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