First comes love

Chelini WeddingWedding season is basically over, or at least that is how I feel at this point in my life.

Hope for a “dream wedding” begins to slowly trail off as my fortieth year has begun. Don’t get me wrong, I HAVE been married before. BEFORE I was mature. BEFORE I was ready. BEFORE I was educated. BEFORE I should have been. Although I may slightly disagree with some of those before’s, I do know that everything happens for a reason and whether I was ready or not so did divorce.

The two sweeties pictured here were in a wedding I attended a couple of summers ago. Goodness they are terribly innocent and so very angelic standing at the sun drenched window. Perhaps he is chanting “she loves me, she loves me not.” Maybe she is reaching to take back the flower he stole from her hair. Their shadow casts an interesting look of a carousel horse and an elephant or a sea-horse and an octopus. But also is the shadow of these two-year old cuties who are being forced into miniature size tuxedos and gowns, expected to behave like royalty at the Kings ball.

To no ones surprise these two little angels fight to get dressed, spill juice on their pricey attire, get snacks in their perfectly styled hair and kick and scream when it is finally time to walk down the aisle. Gosh. Almost sounds like two adults preparing for marriage, or maybe it sounds a bit more like the in-laws trying to make the wedding arrangements. However your outlook of marriage stands, this picture represents the innocence of young life prior to all the worldly trouble.

Praying God’s blessings for all of you,