Being Grateful

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

In life being grateful is important because it will educate you for the feeling of gratitude which means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind the action. As above I have a collage of pictures of my family’s home. I’m simply sharing this will you because it was a hard time & even through those times you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Long story short, On July 3rd around 11 o’clock, I had gone upstairs to go lay down on my bed but happened to look out my window & noticed a flame. It was the scariest time of my life. My family & I had just locked up the home to go to bed. That night I came home surprisingly, I had just gotten home that night from a friends( Gods plan). In sudden shock I screamed with a panic voice ” Everyone out of the house, the house is on fire” my siblings came running out we unlocked the gate, got the car keys moved the cars out of the garage & lastly grabbed all four of our pets. God was watching out, I’m so blessed/ thankful to be alive as well as my family. Never take anything for granted. This house fire has been a long process but I’ve been looking at the good side which is we still have shelter, food & the family is alive which is the most important thing of all❤️

Katherine Alviso


What are 9 things you just can’t handle?

9 Things I just can’t handle
1. Cock Roaches
2. Toes with toe rings
3. To smell people who don’t use deodorant
4. Chewing with your mouth open
5. Spitting on the sidewalk
6. Rude drivers
7. Pick your nose in public
8. People who think they are better than everyone else
9. Know it alls

Above I only posted a few of the 9 things because i didn’t have pictures of the others. I thought this was very interesting topic. These are things I just can’t handle 😊

-Katherine Alviso

Appreciating Life ❤️

Do you know what Appreciation is?
It means being “grateful for things & people”. It’s always important to show appreciation to people simply to express that you are thankful for what they done, or said. Just for being a sincere warm person, not just because someone has said or done anything for you. Which is something I’m about to do as you see in the picture above. I am choosing to share this collage because it’s an important part of my childhood. Not many of you know I was adopted at the age of two. I grew up in a loving family that took me in as their own child. As you can tell I am a daddy’s girl, when I want something he’s always like “okay you can get it” as if I am the princess in the family. I love my mom just as much as my dad. My parents took me and my half brother due to abuse and other things I would rather not discuss. But I just wanted to tell you all how happy I am that I got out of a terrible/horrible situation, I feel as if God was with me through this whole process. I’m here to say how thankful I am for my amazing parents who I consider my real parents because they were the ones who stood by my side throughout my childhood. I’m blessed with so much, I couldn’t of asked for better parents than the ones I have now. Being appreciative is simple, it doesn’t take that much effort to do. I CHALLENGE you to appreciate one thing in your life.
-Katherine Alviso