Don’t listen to her brothers, it isn’t Ebola…


Our Saturday was spent admitted to Kaiser South Sacramento 4th floor pediatrics.  Not much fun.  A child not breathing efficiently is zero fun.

Rather than share the wicked details, I want to tell you the five things that WERE fun in relation to our awful weekend:

1. MRSA.  MRSA is a bacterial infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics.  Not nice.  Not fun.  But it is also the nickname my sister gave to the teddy bear the ER Tech gave my daughter.

2. Nice.  My daughter isn’t quite two years old and has limited vocabulary.  Every time something bad happened to her she said ‘nice’.  We eventually learned that ‘nice’ implies that the person in the room SHOULD be nice, and is not.

3. Oral steroids are gross.  After throwing up the steroids all over my new couch, she saw the next dose coming later and pointed to the now-clean couch and said ‘nice’ as if to warn me what her plans were for the next dose.

4. Coming home with an inhaler attached to a air chamber is not fun.  However, letting her put princess stickers all over it was fun.  Also, busting out the glue gun and coating the wretched thing in crystals was pretty fun too.

5. Learning what wheezing sounds like.  May not sound like fun, but having a stethoscope on hand, I learned the different breath sounds, compared perfectly healthy kids in house with our sick girl.  Learning is always good, and now I know the difference in good and bad lungs; wheezing and crackles.

Again, not a fun weekend, but the light is only there if you look for it!

As soon as she gets some sleep,

Savannah Smiles


5 Things I Would Tell My 13 Year Old Self


If I had the chance, this is what I would say:

1. You’re an introvert. That’s the reason why you feel like you’ve hit a wall when you’re around people for a few hours, the reason you prefer to be alone rather then go to a party, and the reason why you feel drained after talking to people. I know your frustrated and you don’t understand why you’re like this. But trust me, the day when you find out what introversion and extroversion is, will be one of the most freeing and

2. You’re not going to be You-Know-Who’s girlfriend. You aren’t going to be anyone’s girlfriend. Thank God for that. You’re thirteen, for goodness sake. You’re too young for a boyfriend, and too young to really understand how difficult relationships can be. Instead, focus on your family. Focus on your friendships. Romance and boyfriends and all that can definitely wait.

3: You don’t need to wear that much makeup. You really, really don’t. I know you think raccoon eyes and spider-leg eyelashes are attractive and will somehow miraculously make you popular, but it won’t. You’re wearing makeup for the wrong reasons. Makeup should be a fun expression of self, not a sign that says “LOOK AT ME PLEASE LOOK AT ME.”

4: Your grades do not define your intelligence. Don’t let anyone make you think that. Getting a D in math is not the end of the world, you’ll live.

5: Of course you don’t know what you want to do with your life! I’m twenty now, and I still don’t know what I want to do. So, please, don’t stress out about it. Relax and enjoy try to enjoy your teenage years.

What would you say?


Tank Full!



Four-years old means you believe what everyone tells you. You are scared of the dark, jump in puddles and eat with your mouth open. Open fields, flying kites, riding bikes, throwing rocks and chasing ducks are all in a days work. The days of reading and writing have only begun and nights of restful sleep are far from over. As the days move faster and the minutes tick away remember to cherish them all. Life goes too quick, kids grow before your eyes. Bubble baths till wrinkles appear, fuzzy footie jammies, bedtime stories and prayer with lots of hugs and kisses. His world is changing each day and he does not even know it.



Nadia was everyone’s idea of perfection. Boys loved her because of the obvious. Girls loved her because she was pretty, but of all the girls in their “clique” she would always give sincere replies.

I met Nadia one day in detention. She was a “regular” but I chose detention because I didn’t want my parents to know I had been late to class. If they found out I had a boyfriend, it would be back to Catholic school.

“What’s your story? Forget to raise your hand in class?” From then we had a special bond. Much like the girl pictured, she seemed to be beautiful and had it all. Overtime, her outside life and inside story started to take over. Nadia lost her job and her boyfriend started blaming her for their financial woes.

Nadia was a good worker but she didn’t look conventional. She was smart, pleasant, and wasn’t afraid of her superiors. She always thought of her peers first. Her managers felt threatened. They started digging into her “past” which revealed a lot. But it didn’t reveal the story. She was in recovery for addiction, her addiction had driven her to make poor choices. The tattoos were supposed to be a way to hide her scars. Nadia was a “cutter” and the long sleeves in California.


This story is in dedication to Stephanie Clauss. Sometimes we need to be reminded that everyone has a story.

What are 9 things you just can’t handle?

9 Things I just can’t handle
1. Cock Roaches
2. Toes with toe rings
3. To smell people who don’t use deodorant
4. Chewing with your mouth open
5. Spitting on the sidewalk
6. Rude drivers
7. Pick your nose in public
8. People who think they are better than everyone else
9. Know it alls

Above I only posted a few of the 9 things because i didn’t have pictures of the others. I thought this was very interesting topic. These are things I just can’t handle 😊

-Katherine Alviso


turf pictureSometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. My heart hurts when I think about the fact that I may grow up alone. When I notice the stares and disappointed looks people give me. Not knowing exactly what it was that made me bad. A defected product. I shut down at the sight of my own failures and start to believe what they say. I am broken. A failure in life. My words are chopped and mediocre at best. They hold no value because I am worthless. Transparent and irrelevant, never to be taken seriously. That it what they think and I start to believe. Then I realize that I’m to stubborn to tolerate their lies. To awesome to break myself down. I didn’t write because my heart was lost. Now I can be free and my hands move with ease because I’m not broken. I’m happy to just be me. I don’t have to belong anywhere in particular… I just have to be me.

Internal Sqealing


This is a common occurrence for me. And, I’m quite sure it is probably a common occurrence for others, as well. It goes like this:

I’ll be taking a walk, watching a movie or meandering around the Internet. Then, suddenly, a cat will cross my path, a puppy will appear on screen, or I’ll see some tiny finches fluttering around in the trees. And the next thing you know, I’m fighting off the ridiculous urge to squeal. Sometimes it escapes, and I sound like I’m half choking, half laughing. Other times I press my lips firmly together, just to make sure no odd sounds or screams escape.

Meanwhile, my inner dialogue is something like this : “Omigosh omigosh omigosh its adorable I want to hug it look at it its so tiny how can something be that cute I don’t understand omigosh omigosh omigosh.” And so on.

What is it about seeing a cute animal that just makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs and cuddle the poor creature to death? Maybe I’m exaggerating, but doggone it, if I see an adorable animal, I have to fight that urge with all my might. I can only imagine the facial expressions I’m making as I have that internal struggle.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to look at pictures of bunnies and squeal.


*I do not own this image