Clocked out!



Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

I am officially clocked out!  My daughter’s adoption was finalized and I have taken some time off work to do some much needed bonding and family time!

I was worried at first that I would be totally bored, to be honest.  School is out until mid January, kids are all home from school, and Christmas will be here and gone.  I was worried…and now I’m not.

Now I am SURE I will be bored…and covered in school glue, probably!

In case you didn’t know, I am a rather crafty person.  So…multiply that with being off work and actually rested all day (I normally work night shift).  The kids have already stared rolling their eyes.

We have butter warming on the counter for sugar cookies, we have decorated Christmas ornaments that I crocheted off the top of my head; tomorrow we do kinetics, and then we will be donating blood and visiting an animal shelter.

So, in a nutshell I am asking you to pray for my children.  Pray for their patience, pray for their sanity, and Good Lord above, my poor daughter I am bonding with who learned today NOT to touch the glue gun…

Until I inhale glitter,

Savannah Smiles


The picture is NOT one of mine, we don’t paint until Sunday…


Don’t listen to her brothers, it isn’t Ebola…


Our Saturday was spent admitted to Kaiser South Sacramento 4th floor pediatrics.  Not much fun.  A child not breathing efficiently is zero fun.

Rather than share the wicked details, I want to tell you the five things that WERE fun in relation to our awful weekend:

1. MRSA.  MRSA is a bacterial infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics.  Not nice.  Not fun.  But it is also the nickname my sister gave to the teddy bear the ER Tech gave my daughter.

2. Nice.  My daughter isn’t quite two years old and has limited vocabulary.  Every time something bad happened to her she said ‘nice’.  We eventually learned that ‘nice’ implies that the person in the room SHOULD be nice, and is not.

3. Oral steroids are gross.  After throwing up the steroids all over my new couch, she saw the next dose coming later and pointed to the now-clean couch and said ‘nice’ as if to warn me what her plans were for the next dose.

4. Coming home with an inhaler attached to a air chamber is not fun.  However, letting her put princess stickers all over it was fun.  Also, busting out the glue gun and coating the wretched thing in crystals was pretty fun too.

5. Learning what wheezing sounds like.  May not sound like fun, but having a stethoscope on hand, I learned the different breath sounds, compared perfectly healthy kids in house with our sick girl.  Learning is always good, and now I know the difference in good and bad lungs; wheezing and crackles.

Again, not a fun weekend, but the light is only there if you look for it!

As soon as she gets some sleep,

Savannah Smiles

Condoms, anyone?


Yesterday found me trying NOT to clean my teenager’s room, but searching through the hoard of clothes he calls a closet to rescue an entire load of laundry’s worth of bath towels.  (Don’t worry, I washed them twice.)  When low and behold, a box of these fine fellas comes tumbling out of the madness.


My sweet teenage boy has condoms in his closet.

Did I freak out?  Did I walk away embarrassed?  Did I slam myself for being an insufficient parent that my something-teen year old is doing the Mommy-Daddy dance?


I didn’t.

In fact, I shoved them back in the box and set them back where they were.

Don’t I care that he is doing what children ought not to do?  Of course I care, but I care more that he is smart enough to use protection.  I have had “the talk” with him and his brothers that are of age.  I overheard them talking first.  Not exactly a shining moment, but after that eavesdropping, I purchased a box of those offending little disks above and literally tossed them out on the table.

The heart-to-heart went something like this: You are NOT old enough to be making life-long decisions right now.  You should NOT be having sex.  You should NOT be making decisions that will affect the rest of your life.  You are NOT an adult and CANNOT support a family.  Having said that, if you decide that you are going to have sex, no matter what I say, at least have the maturity to use protection.

I know, that depth is right up there with Maya Angelo!  I know that he may or may not be sexually active.  I know he is too young.  But now, thanks to my lack of laundered towels, I also know he is smart enough to use protection if he is.

Even in the “fun” times,

Savannah Smiles

Labeled, Finally!


I have finally received my badge of honor and with it, the required grain of salt.  Readers and scrollers, I am now an A D O P T I V E   P A R E N T ! !

My new label comes with the grain of salt because of the following list of questions/phrases I am now privy to:

1.  What did her parents do to lose her?

Well, let’s start with you.  How about you tell me the most awful things about YOUR past while we wait in line at Walmart.  We have plenty of time and audience.

2.  I could never give my child away.

Funny story…her parents didn’t give her away either.  The rest of the story is none of your business, but I will confuse you by saying that her parents love her just as much as we do.  Toss that around in your head for awhile.

3.  Are you going to close the adoption now that it is final?

Cut off the parents who gave her life, so that mine will run smoother?  Um…no, not really.  Let’s just assume that I know what I’m doing in this department.

4.  Are you going to change her name?

This one isn’t as inflammatory as the rest.  I do know, from my own research, that the adoption community is split down the middle on this one.  I will say that the name you hear us call her is her name.  And no, I won’t tell you her “real” name.  Really?

5.  *my personal favorite* Now that she is adopted, will you be changing her birthday?

Yes.  Absolutely.  I think we will make it the 32nd of January.  Has a nice ring to it.


So there you are, the list of things that I now get to come up with socially acceptable and not-quite-so-smart-aleck responses to. 

Any adoptive parents out there who would like to add to my list?  There has to be some that you have heard.  If not, there has to be inquisive folks who have some adoption questions they just HAVE to ask.  Come on, we’ll be nice, I promise…

Even Bigger,

Savannah Smiles


The uber cute picture was stolen from the link below; please visit and check out some more amazing stuff!

Savannah Smiles 

The introduction that never was.

My name is Sarah. I have 1 husband, ½ dozen children, a dog, and a cat. I should count the neighbor kids that eat my food and swim in my pool, but let’s be honest, I don’t know all of their names.

A little about me? I served 2 years active duty in the United States Army. I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia. This is where our photo fits the phrase. Savannah is the most beautiful little city in the world, says me. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be here. Sacramento isn’t Savannah, you say. Yes, I know. Family ties hold me here, but my heart beats for cobblestone streets and stone fountains of green water.

Normally, I would write about my children. I have enough of them to fill a blog, I know. I mentioned the part about me because I am shifting my focus of me from Sarah-the-mom, to Sarah-the-Sarah. I want to learn more about me. I want to know what I like to eat, where I like to shop, and what I want to do besides watch Disney channel and scramble an entire carton of eggs for breakfast (true story). I hear it is important to be selfish every once in awhile. I’d like to try it out!

Look for me now, Savannah Smiles, Tuesdays, right here on photoandaphrase!

Until then,

Savannah Smiles