A Simmerman Poem

I would like to share a poem with you that I created for a creative writing class.

I won’t share the rules, as much as I like rules.

Please enjoy, can’t see how you couldn’t! 🙂

The Seduction of John Johnson

1. She is a picture of beauty,

2. a home wrecker sent from the heavens.

3. Red, plump, honey lips drip down his neck.

Leans amble bosom to quivering chest

whispering sweet promises in his ear,

as freshly spritzed perfume assaults him.

4. Candied giggles glazing better judgment.

5. Focus. Thomas Jefferson. Des Moines, Iowa:

6. Forget better judgment.

7. Bills, kids, wife: use better judgment.

8. DDG, she’s as perfect as can be.

9. Because he thought about it, he must have already done it?

10. Que sera, sera to seal away the guilt.

11. The crimson blood of desire beats in his chest.

12. His thoughts pour as clean and pure as wastewater.

13. He ripped the sun from the sky to hide their sins in darkness.

14. Johnny Johnson was thinking naughty thoughts,

15. and tomorrow they will wake in each other’s guilty arms;

16. tainted bodies and painted thoughts on memory’s wall:

17. artwork for the world to see once they see no more.

18. Amata da uno, amata da nessuno.

19. The bed sheets cry out for forgiveness.

20. And the mistress leaves no trail.

ps.  If your kids are in the room and you are searching for a picture to enhance your blog…don’t google the word mistress.  Just an FYI…

Savannah blushes

and then
Savannah Smiles



turf pictureSometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. My heart hurts when I think about the fact that I may grow up alone. When I notice the stares and disappointed looks people give me. Not knowing exactly what it was that made me bad. A defected product. I shut down at the sight of my own failures and start to believe what they say. I am broken. A failure in life. My words are chopped and mediocre at best. They hold no value because I am worthless. Transparent and irrelevant, never to be taken seriously. That it what they think and I start to believe. Then I realize that I’m to stubborn to tolerate their lies. To awesome to break myself down. I didn’t write because my heart was lost. Now I can be free and my hands move with ease because I’m not broken. I’m happy to just be me. I don’t have to belong anywhere in particular… I just have to be me.

Labeled, Finally!


I have finally received my badge of honor and with it, the required grain of salt.  Readers and scrollers, I am now an A D O P T I V E   P A R E N T ! !

My new label comes with the grain of salt because of the following list of questions/phrases I am now privy to:

1.  What did her parents do to lose her?

Well, let’s start with you.  How about you tell me the most awful things about YOUR past while we wait in line at Walmart.  We have plenty of time and audience.

2.  I could never give my child away.

Funny story…her parents didn’t give her away either.  The rest of the story is none of your business, but I will confuse you by saying that her parents love her just as much as we do.  Toss that around in your head for awhile.

3.  Are you going to close the adoption now that it is final?

Cut off the parents who gave her life, so that mine will run smoother?  Um…no, not really.  Let’s just assume that I know what I’m doing in this department.

4.  Are you going to change her name?

This one isn’t as inflammatory as the rest.  I do know, from my own research, that the adoption community is split down the middle on this one.  I will say that the name you hear us call her is her name.  And no, I won’t tell you her “real” name.  Really?

5.  *my personal favorite* Now that she is adopted, will you be changing her birthday?

Yes.  Absolutely.  I think we will make it the 32nd of January.  Has a nice ring to it.


So there you are, the list of things that I now get to come up with socially acceptable and not-quite-so-smart-aleck responses to. 

Any adoptive parents out there who would like to add to my list?  There has to be some that you have heard.  If not, there has to be inquisive folks who have some adoption questions they just HAVE to ask.  Come on, we’ll be nice, I promise…

Even Bigger,

Savannah Smiles


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The Marriage Bed


This is the marriage bed. Not as scary as it seems. Not as difficult as we make it out to be. It is really just a bed that mom and dad share. So much happens here that no one tells you about until you climb in though.

No, not that part. Everyone seems to have an opinion about THAT PART. I mean the secrets part. I have two sisters, but growing up I had one sister. Her and I would tell secrets and whisper and plan and play when we were supposed to be asleep. That’s the part that I’m talking about here.

I never knew how important that whisper time was. When the kids are asleep, my husband and I whisper. We talk about our day, how much we hate and love and then hate again the short guy on Game of Thrones. We make guesses on which kid will be brought home by the cops first. We sneak ice cream we told the kids was all gone. Heck, we’ve even made late night taco runs!

So my advice to you is to keep the marriage bed sacred. Hide the brand name Oreos and for goodness sakes, leave the lights on for THAT PART just once in awhile.

As always,

Savannah Smiles

Haven’t you Heard?


Ebola.  They might as well have named it The Terror Virus.  Since the outbreak I have to admit that the reality seemed a world away.  And literally, it was.  Until it hit US soil.  Then it became pay-attention-to-the-news real for me.

Upgrading my response yesterday was a mandatory class I have to take that my employeer is offering.  It is a we-are-prepared if the Terror gets to California kind of class.  Um…no thank you.  I think I will be sick that day.  All of those days.

It got me nice and terrified about the Terror Strain.  I went from being professional and distant to mass hysteria.  Someone coughed near me in the grocery store and I wanted to find the Lysol aisle.  My kid got a bloody nose (just because kids stick things where they should not be) and you-guessed-it crossed my mind.  I dared not say anything outloud, his brothers probably would have buried him alive in the backyard.

The Terror is real though.  Not for me, not for my family, not in reality.  But it is real.  The more I think about it, the more it makes me worried.

This nasty monster has the nerve to to kill in a matter of days.  Days?  How do you prepare for something that will kill you in days?

I have to admit that decision I should have made years ago are coming to light.  I will be getting life insurance now.  I can’t imagine leaving my family at all, but leaving them with nothing feels worse.

I need to feel like everything is going to be ok, even if it isn’t.  Or, as my fifth born would say, ‘I need some loves’.

And just as soon as I find some, I’ll once again be,

Savannah Smiles

Slow Down!!!!

I keep wondering how something so pretty can be so dangerous. We are often fascinated by looks and get caught up in excitement that we forget the sting they may unleash. Everything that’s appealing shouldn’t be chased after. We as humans can’t help becoming attracted to things we shouldn’t have. The mystery in it always draw us near. It’s almost ominous to watch something sit and wait to be touched and when we get close enough we suffer the consequences. We shouldn’t be so quick to rush into situations that are obviously dangerous. Accepting anyone as a lover or friend shouldn’t be completed so easily. It’s like touching a Jellyfish.Jellyfish

My best friend is in a Jar

folgersDear Folgers, or should I say best friend. I’m nervous to admit this but lately I have been so amazed by you. The way your always their to pick me up when I’m down. How you make me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt. Even waking up and holding you in my arms. I no this is hard to accept because I had Starbucks in my hands the other day but believe me when I say “I love you”. I appreciate you more than you know. This morning was so hard for me. I felt as if I had been hit by a train or something. To be honest I had no strength at all. Slowly you brought me back to life again and I made it through. See that’s why your my best friend!! When were together I feel complete. There’s no one that could replace you in my eyes. In fact I feel glad to know that I have a friend like you by my side. I can’t wait to see you again my friend. yours truly- k.p