A Simmerman Poem

I would like to share a poem with you that I created for a creative writing class.

I won’t share the rules, as much as I like rules.

Please enjoy, can’t see how you couldn’t! 🙂

The Seduction of John Johnson

1. She is a picture of beauty,

2. a home wrecker sent from the heavens.

3. Red, plump, honey lips drip down his neck.

Leans amble bosom to quivering chest

whispering sweet promises in his ear,

as freshly spritzed perfume assaults him.

4. Candied giggles glazing better judgment.

5. Focus. Thomas Jefferson. Des Moines, Iowa:

6. Forget better judgment.

7. Bills, kids, wife: use better judgment.

8. DDG, she’s as perfect as can be.

9. Because he thought about it, he must have already done it?

10. Que sera, sera to seal away the guilt.

11. The crimson blood of desire beats in his chest.

12. His thoughts pour as clean and pure as wastewater.

13. He ripped the sun from the sky to hide their sins in darkness.

14. Johnny Johnson was thinking naughty thoughts,

15. and tomorrow they will wake in each other’s guilty arms;

16. tainted bodies and painted thoughts on memory’s wall:

17. artwork for the world to see once they see no more.

18. Amata da uno, amata da nessuno.

19. The bed sheets cry out for forgiveness.

20. And the mistress leaves no trail.

ps.  If your kids are in the room and you are searching for a picture to enhance your blog…don’t google the word mistress.  Just an FYI…

Savannah blushes

and then
Savannah Smiles


Condoms, anyone?


Yesterday found me trying NOT to clean my teenager’s room, but searching through the hoard of clothes he calls a closet to rescue an entire load of laundry’s worth of bath towels.  (Don’t worry, I washed them twice.)  When low and behold, a box of these fine fellas comes tumbling out of the madness.


My sweet teenage boy has condoms in his closet.

Did I freak out?  Did I walk away embarrassed?  Did I slam myself for being an insufficient parent that my something-teen year old is doing the Mommy-Daddy dance?


I didn’t.

In fact, I shoved them back in the box and set them back where they were.

Don’t I care that he is doing what children ought not to do?  Of course I care, but I care more that he is smart enough to use protection.  I have had “the talk” with him and his brothers that are of age.  I overheard them talking first.  Not exactly a shining moment, but after that eavesdropping, I purchased a box of those offending little disks above and literally tossed them out on the table.

The heart-to-heart went something like this: You are NOT old enough to be making life-long decisions right now.  You should NOT be having sex.  You should NOT be making decisions that will affect the rest of your life.  You are NOT an adult and CANNOT support a family.  Having said that, if you decide that you are going to have sex, no matter what I say, at least have the maturity to use protection.

I know, that depth is right up there with Maya Angelo!  I know that he may or may not be sexually active.  I know he is too young.  But now, thanks to my lack of laundered towels, I also know he is smart enough to use protection if he is.

Even in the “fun” times,

Savannah Smiles

The Marriage Bed


This is the marriage bed. Not as scary as it seems. Not as difficult as we make it out to be. It is really just a bed that mom and dad share. So much happens here that no one tells you about until you climb in though.

No, not that part. Everyone seems to have an opinion about THAT PART. I mean the secrets part. I have two sisters, but growing up I had one sister. Her and I would tell secrets and whisper and plan and play when we were supposed to be asleep. That’s the part that I’m talking about here.

I never knew how important that whisper time was. When the kids are asleep, my husband and I whisper. We talk about our day, how much we hate and love and then hate again the short guy on Game of Thrones. We make guesses on which kid will be brought home by the cops first. We sneak ice cream we told the kids was all gone. Heck, we’ve even made late night taco runs!

So my advice to you is to keep the marriage bed sacred. Hide the brand name Oreos and for goodness sakes, leave the lights on for THAT PART just once in awhile.

As always,

Savannah Smiles