One End & Two Beginnings

End #1… Creative Writing class is over for the semester people! That means this group experiment is over! Done! We are so grateful for all of our followers and 1,100+ hits since August! Wow! Final numbers will be analyzed tonight, but we think our blog is going to be ranked the highest among our classmates blogs!

Beginning #1 … What will happen with this blog?!

Stay tuned! Both ck and SavannahSmiles will decide this week. One (or both) of us will be be keeper of PhotoandaPhrase. And chapter two will be launched.

Beginning #2 … What is HouseKelley and when can I view it?!

My husband and I have been creatively energized by writing this past few months. We have decided to continue this, hobby, if you will. After the new year, we are going to launch HouseKelley!

There you will find weekly and monthly writing challenges that we will publish online. We will challenge each other, co-write stories and post a photo or two. And dare I say it?! There might be poetry.


It’s been a pleasure getting to know all of our followers via wordpress!

cheers, ck



turf pictureSometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. My heart hurts when I think about the fact that I may grow up alone. When I notice the stares and disappointed looks people give me. Not knowing exactly what it was that made me bad. A defected product. I shut down at the sight of my own failures and start to believe what they say. I am broken. A failure in life. My words are chopped and mediocre at best. They hold no value because I am worthless. Transparent and irrelevant,┬ánever to be taken seriously. That it what they think and I start to believe. Then I realize that I’m to stubborn to tolerate their lies. To awesome to break myself down. I didn’t write because my heart was lost. Now I can be free and my hands move with ease because I’m not broken. I’m happy to just be me. I don’t have to belong anywhere in particular… I just have to be me.